Updated Brow Routine-2017πŸŽ€

Hey everyone!!!

Whenever I get my brows groomed at a salon I always make sure I tell the beauty specialist to give me an arch to the brows because this not only shapes your face but makes your eyes look much bigger.Unfortunately they don’t get it right all the time,I’ve even had them remove more than required this is when my Brow Powder comes to the rescue,I can get the arch I want and also fill in the spaces wherever I need to.So let me share my current brow routine:)

Step1:It’s always good to start by plucking the extra hair around your brows with your tweezers so you have clean brow to work with.

Step2:I take the spulee end of my eyebrow brush,here I’m using the Anastasia Beverly Hills brow brush and comb by hair literally downwards.

Step3:I take this BH Cosmetics brow cream,and I draw a line above my brows and get it to the shape I want and get the arch I want after which I fill in brows with the cream product.

Step4:I then take the Tanya Burr brow kit and mix hot cocoa and chestnut and light brush this on my brows.

And I’m done!

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