Benefit Bigger Than BB Cream🎀(Review)

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The days I  want a light coverage and i’m not looking for something too heavy,I opt for a BB cream.So what is a BB cream?It’s just a blemish balm,basically a tinted moisturiser.So the BB creams I’ve used have never been moisturising as such but yes they do provide a very light coverage.

So when I found the Benefit Bigger Than BB cream at Sephora,I wondered what is it exactly?It’s bigger than BB so technically it’s not really a BB cream!So does it mean that it’s a foundation?Well no it’s not,it is just a complexion perfector which does a much better job than a BB cream.

Benefit Bigger Than BB

Product Description:This multi-balancing complexion defector melts into the skin like cream,yet finished lightweight and smooth like a powder.One&done…Big Easy saves the day!


Packaging:It comes in a squeezy tube which is travel friendly.You get about 35.0mL of the product and its oil free.

This is my go to product on the days I’m looking for a light weight tinted cream.Im in the shade 02 Light!It glides on so smoothly on the skin,so at first when you squeeze it out of the tube it’s like a cream and as you blend it in,it gives a velvety powder finish.You can just apply this using your fingers as it melts so easily into the skin and does not make the skin greasy.So if you are in a hurry,just grab on to this tube and apply it like a moisturiser only difference it will give you a light to medium coverage and it dries very quickly.It has SPF35+ which is an added bonus.

How I apply this?

I wash my face and moisturise and then apply this cream using my finger tips,as the warmth of my fingers will blend it in nicely without giving it a cakey look.

I’m almost running out of my tube and will repurchase this soon,it just makes everything better and being extremely lightweight it’s perfect for everyday use!

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