Most Used Eyeshadow Palettes Of The Month🎀

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For me the best part about makeup is doing my eyes.I take my own sweet time experimenting,using different palettes,mixing different eyeshadows to get that “perfect” color.It literally feels like your painting a canvas and you only hope that the outcome is beautiful:)

The Eyeshadow Palettes I’ve used a lot this month are…

1)CarliBybel Palette

My first blog post was on this palette:) How time flies and how much I’ve loved this palette since.Check my blog on this palette Here. This is my go to palette,the days I have no idea what look I want to go for I just pick this palette up and they are such beautiful shades in the palette ranging from neutrals,to burgundy so you can really play around with this palette and you have highlighters too,I just sweep my fan brush across them and apply it on my cheekbone for a radiant glow.

2)Tanya Burr “Hollywood Eye Palette”

This happens to be my favourite palette from all the eyeshadow palettes released by Tanya Burr.You get really pretty wearable brown shades in the palette,my favourite being  “bookworm” that I’ve hit pan on  which is a warm, red-toned brown which is slightly less shimmery so great for the crease and  then there is “enchantment” which is an antique gold glitter,and you have a pale gold shimmer which is “gold coin”and “nude delight” a ligh base color.

3)Dior Eyeshdaow Quad

I’ve had this palette for quite sometime,and when I first started experimenting with darker colors, this was one of the first few palettes I reached out to.The gorgeous purple shade in the palette looks absolutely stunning on the eyes and compliments my eye color(hazel) really well,I usually apply this color on the outer corner of my eyes and also in the lower lash line and mix it with the brown shade.The pretty light pink shade is usually the base and I apply it all over my eyelid.You see an empty pan there well I got my palette like that!Joking!It used be a nice highlighter that I used to use in the inner corner of my eyes,but I dropped the palette that broke this Eyeshadow and then it all went away unfortunately!But I still use the rest of the colors and I love them all.

Let me know in the comments what your most used Eyeshdaow Palette is:)

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