Outrageous Makeup Tricks And Tips🎀

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Of late I’ve been seeing so many makeup trick/trips and some of them are so outrageous and funny,I’m not quite sure if this is done only for views or likes on social media😀 Because this seems far from normal and impractical to do.Let me share some funny ones with you(atleast I thought it was)

1)Contour your nose using a fork

Like really?i really think women shouldn’t be trying this,you can literally poke yourself in the eye or face.

2)Using “bra inserts”as beauty blenders

This made me cringe when I first saw this.Not only is this unhygienic,this just doesn’t make any sense to me.If you are not using an old one,why would someone buy a new one only to blend foundation with this pad,it’s so uncomfortable to do and watch

3)Face full of food

This is absolutely hilarious!So when you run out of makeup,literally go into your kitchen take your food items out and start packing your face.Let’s see on the items that the person uses

1)Honey as eyeshadow base

2)Cacoa powder as eyeshadow 

3)Chocolate bar to contour

4)Covering blemishes by writing on your face

Your running out of paper?Want to express your thoughts on your face?Or just too bored?Then this is something you want to see done by the beautiful Marimaria makeup!

That being said I don’t think I would try any of this,although I must admit it’s quite funny to watch and is entertaining.

Let me know in the comments what is the most outrageous makeup trick/hack that you have seen?

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