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Body Shop Haul✨🎀

Hey everyone!!!

I was running out of my shower gels and made a quick stop to the nearest BODYSHOP store to repurchase my empties but this time I decided to try out the shower gel from the Holiday Collection and also British Rose shower gel.For years I stuck to my trusted Strawberry Body Shop shower gel and honestly I still do love it but I really needed to make a switch and check the other products out there.

So the sales man was showing me the new Holiday Collection and I really didn’t want to splurge although they did have quite a few products I would have loved to try but I didn’t need it at the moment and had to resist my temptation😋 So I ended picking up 2 shower gels and my old favourite lip balm that I would use when in high school.I’m also running out of the African Ximenia Scrub that I’ve been using to exfoliate my body,I have done a review on it—>African Ximenia Scrub.

The Body Shop British Rose Shower Gel

The first thing I do when I pick a shower gel is smell it,for me the scent is very important as I don’t like the scent to be too overpowering,I like it to be mild,floral and a light yet have a beautiful fragrance linger on after use and this perfectly fits the bill and I couldn’t be any happier.

This shower gel lathers up really well,so all you need is about a 2 pumps of this on your loofah and it will leave your fresh and clean with a beautiful scent.

The packaging is a little different from the strawberry shower gel,they have black lid and this definitely feels and looks a lot better than the previous one.(So good job there BodyShop👍🏼)

The Body Shop Frosted Berries Shower Gel(LIMITED EDITION)

Description:Frosted Berries is here for the holiday season! This irresistibly juicy collection is made of cranberries from North America. Balancing fresh notes of cranberry, blackcurrant and rasberry with whtie flowers, creamy praline and sweet vanilla, this collection is truly beautifully berry! 

This sounds like something edible and smells absolutely incredible.They have a whole range of body butter,shower gel,body lotion,fragrance oil,bath foam,scented candle

They had vanilla and spiced apple shower gel too,I was leaning towards the vanilla scent but I liked the BritishRose and Frosted Berries better and I really didn’t need 3 shower gels at the time and decided to leave this one.

These would make perfect little Christmas Gifts for your loved ones as well..

I did a Skincare Exclusive BodyShop Haul a while ago—>BodyShop Haul do check it out:)

I hope you enjoyed reading this:)

Keep Shining🌟



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