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Mattify any lipstick in seconds💋💕

Hey everyone!!!

Matte lipsticks have always been very popular,the texture is so natural that the finish looks really great on the lips.So all of us have lipsticks that are not always matte but what if you can make them?You have a sheen lipstick or a glossy one that is your favourite and wish they were matte?Well I’m sharing a few tricks that can help you make them matte in seconds:)

Before we start applying the lipstick of choice,you want to make sure your lips are exfoliated and is well moisturised.

Apply your lip balm then take a damp cloth and rub it on your lips lightly exfoliating it gently.Moving on!

Depending on how matte you want your lipstick I’m listing a few options.

Option1:The cheapest and the easiest is taking a piece of tissue paper or a blotting paper and pressing it against your lips.This action will reduce the shine and gloss on your lips leaving it matte.

Option2:Apply your lipstick then use a tissue paper and cover your lips,then take  your translucent powder on a round brush and apply that in patting motion all over the area of the tissue covering your lips.Then take the tissue off!Voila.Matte lips.

Option3:If you want your lips to be super matte,take a piece of tissue Only this time you will separate the layer of tissue and press it against your lips.

Option4:Take some translucent powder and pat it on your lips,this powder is going to absorb whatever it is that makes your lips shiny.Once you apply the powder you can press your lips till all the traces of powder is absorbed leaving your lips matte.

Option5:Using a mattifying cream.Apply your lipstick then apply this cream on your lips directly making it matte.

Thank you for reading:)

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