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Is this the Real Deal Concealer?(First impressions+Review)🎀

Hey everyone!!!

I was running out of my favourite Maybelline Age rewind concealer,there is no doubt I’m going to buy another one but at the same time I was looking for other concealers to try out.I came across the Laura Geller Real Deal Concealer and decided to give this a try as I have never tried any product from her line and I’ve heard great things!

Laura Geller is a renowned makeup artist and also a board member of the CEW Foundation, the non-profit organization that created the Cancer & Careers program dedicated to empowering and educating people with cancer to thrive in their workplace by providing expert advice, interactive tools and educational events.I was quite impressed looking at her credentials and the social service she does.(Great work👍🏼)

Laura Geller “Real Deal Concealer”

Product Description 

This intensely pigmented formula hides blemishes and other hard to conceal skin imperfections,yet is gentle enough to cover delicate undereye circles.Infused with antioxidants Vitamin A&E,white tea extracts.Simply dab on a small amount where needed-a little goes a long way!


This comes in a plastic tube and you have to squeeze out the product,although I did find the tube to be a little smaller than what I expected it to be.

How I use the product

So I squeeze out a little bit of the product on the back of my hand and with my ring finger dab it around my under eyes and wherever I need to conceal.They were not wrong about “a little goes a long way” because I just squeezed out a tiny bit and felt it was a bit much.So I started blending this in with my finger but the consistency of this concealer is so thick and creamy that you need to go in with a beauty blender and press it in.

My Review

I am in the shade “Light”.I loved the coverage that this product gave.It instantly brightened up my under eye and concealed the darkness underneath my eyes.Although i did notice that if your skin is dry you would need to apply an under eye cream and moisturise your face before going in with this concealer as it tends to stick on to the dry patches of your skin.


•provides great coverage

•brightens up the area

•require a tiny amount


•sticks to dry skin

•hard to blend 

Overall I’m happy with the coverage it provides but disappointed with how thick the product is which can make the under eye look a little cakey.It doesn’t really blend with the skin that easily you have to literally push it in with a beauty blender.

So I just used this today,I’m going to work with this product for the next few days and see if I like it.For now I’m not quite sure if I would buy it again.

Thank you for reading🌟

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3 thoughts on “Is this the Real Deal Concealer?(First impressions+Review)🎀

  1. Hi, do you think that if you put a whole bunch of under eye cream on and then a super thin layer of concealer that it might blend better? Also how was it with fine lines?

    1. Hi Ekatemmy:)Definitely works better if undereye is well moisturised,but as the consistency is thick it’s not as easy to blend.I noticed that it brightened by undereye area and covered the fine lines,absolutely no complains with the coverage!

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