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Blackest Black Eyeliner Pen?🎀(Mini Review)

Hey everyone!!!

Call me ignorant,But I’ve never heard of the “Hilary Rhoda” beauty brand.So when I “googled” this(such an easy way to get all the information)I figured “Hilary Rhoda” is an American Model,was the face of “Estée Lauder”.She is absolutely beautiful.

I purchased this Eyeliner Pen from Amazon and it cost me 2.5$.Now I don’t judge a product by the price,I’ve had some really inexpensive products which worked equally good or even better than the high end products.So I always have an open mind when it comes to trying out new products.

Hilary Rhoda Eyeliner

I tricked my sister into believing that this make up line was started by Hilary Clinton 😂 But anyway coming to the product.


I was quite impressed with the packaging.The pen has a black glossy finish with gold fonts embossed in it.


I always lean towards Eyeliner Pen as it gives me a good grip and is easy to work with,especially with a winged eyeliner look the pointed tip gives me exactly what I’m looking for.

So the application tip of this I wouldn’t say it’s the easiest to work with,if you press too hard you will get a thicker line(if that’s what you are aiming for)but if you want a thin line you have to be gentle while holding the pen.

The color is jet black and glides on very smooth,it has a glossy finish.


I wouldn’t say this is smudge-free.I noticed with this pen,the thicker the liner the more prone it is to smudging.

Definitely is waterproof!i poured water after I applied this and waited for like a minute and you can see the liquid hasn’t been wiped out.



•glossy finish

•smooth application



•It’s hard to wash off the eyeliner,so you really have to work it.

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  1. Really loved the review. I was looking for a good Eye-Liner. I think I should get this one. But as it is hard to wash off, so it is the best lol.Anyhow, thanks for the tip.

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