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BH Cosmetics Eye Essential Brush Set🎀(First Impressions)

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So I’ve been meaning to buy a makeup brush set for quite sometime now and I finally ended up getting one.I usually buy individual makeup brushes,the last brush set I got was from Sigma,I absolutely love those brushes and use it from time to time.When I was on the BH cosmetics site I found this set and I thought why not give it a go!So here it is.

BH Cosmetics Essential 7 Piece Brush Set(Eyes)

I like
BH Cosmetics because it makes good quality products at affordable prices,easily accessible to everyone.I have never owned a makeup brush from this line before so I was quite excited to try as I heard great reviews.

Product Description

Line, define, shade and blend eyeshadow with our versatile seven piece Eye Essential brush set. A complete wardrobe of professional quality, synthetic and natural hair brushes. It offers endless options for creating any eye look that suits your mood, from soft and subtle to bold and bright. You will be the belle of the ball in the blink of an eye. Easy to clean brushes.


The Brush Set comes without a case which is the only downside,it comes in a plastic box which has all the brushes in it and each indivual brushes have a plastic wrap of their own nicely separated

The brushes have been numbered,so if you aren’t sure what each brush is meant to do,you can always refer to the number on the brush and the details of what each brush is meant to do is written in the box it came with.

All seven brushes have black handles and golden ferrules. The logo of the brand is imprinted on both the handle and the the ferrule, and the “brush label” is imprinted on the handle.The brushes are made with both natural and synthetic hairs. All brushes have dense, soft and flexible hair bristles, safely enclosed in the ferrule.

1)101-Blending Brush

I love the shape and density of this brush.It’s so soft,I would use this for my transition color on the crease and also to blend my eyeshadows.

2)102-Large Shader Brush

The larger the brush the easier it is to pack on the product onto your eyelids.I would wet this brush with MAC fix plus and then take the Eyeshadow of choice so the colors are more pigmented and vibrant.

3)103-Small shader Brush

You can use this on your eyelids,or when you are doing a cut crease look you can use this to define the crease as it is small enough to get exactly where you want it to be.

4)104-Angled Blending Brush

This would be a brush I would use to pack eyeshadows on the outer corner of my eyes and blending it into the eyelids.

5)105-Pencil Brush

I would use this blend my eyeshadows on my bottom lashes and also if I want to define my crease.

6)106-Fine Liner Brush

This one goes without saying what it’s used for.I don’t think I would reach out for this often as I like using liquid liner pens to line my eyes.

7)107-Small Angled Brush

This brush is multi purpose.I would use this to define my brows,it’s angled so you can also use this to draw a winged eyeliner also to conceal uneven lines above and below your brows.


If you are looking for affordable,good quality makeup brush set then you must try this one.

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