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How I Take My Makeup Off🎀

Hey everyone!!!

Getting our makeup done and then taking all that glam off our face after a long day can be the last thing we would like to do,but removing all the makeup off is priority even when you’re dying to catch some Z’s.So let me show you my routine:)

1)Maybelline Clean Express Makeup Remover

I first like to get rid off all the eye makeup  (lashes,mascara,eyeliner)and the lipstick.I use the Maybelline Clean Express,I give the bottle a nice shake before use and then soak my cotton pads with it and place it on my eyes lightly for 5-10 seconds in gentle circular motions and wiping away.I have extremely sensitive eyes and this absolutely doesn’t cause any problems even if it gets into the eye.

For my waterline I dip my cotton bud into this and go over it.I love this because it doesn’t irritate my eyes,its fragrance free.It does leave a thin film of oily residue but that dries up quickly.

2)Cetaphil Cleanser

Once all the stubborn makeup is off,I like using a mild cleanser to wash my face.This cleanser is incredibly gentle on the skin,does not strip your skin of the natural protective oils.

3)Embryolisse Cream Cleanser

I go in with this cream cleanser as Cetaphil is pretty mild and is not an ideal cleanser to take all the makeup off, so I like getting my skin squeaky clean before I apply any moisturiser on my face which is why I wash my face with the Embryolisse Cream Cleanser and this honestly is one of the best cleansers I have ever used.You literally feel like you are washing your face with thick milk,it feels so rich and luxurious and leaves your skin clean,soft and moisturised.

4)Jason Apricot Scrub

After I cleanse my face and wash with water,I take a dime sized amount of the scrub and rub my face gently focussing on my T-zone(specifically the nose)I rub this scrub all over my face in circular motions for about a minute and wash it off.This removes all the impurities,dead skin cells and reveal a brighter complexion and makes my skin feel really soft every time I use it.I’ve always leaned towards apricot-based scrubs only because I feel they work best for my dry/sensitive skin and they counteract the drying effects making the skin looks healthier.

5)Garnier Pure Active (Spot Purifying Toner)

I dampen my cotton pad with the toner and wipe it across my face.This will remove any bits of remaining oil,debris,makeup left behind by the cleanser.

Now that all my makeup is off I go in with my Skincare Routine:) (Eyecream,Mosituriser,Facial Oils)

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