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5 Things Makeup Artists Do(that we don’t!)🎀

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When professional Makeup-Artists share their tips and tricks,I’m more than eager to take notes and try out their teachings.So let’s see what the makeup artists have to say!

1)Achieve Sunset Eyes

Bronzer might not seem like the most obvious candidate to win best double-duty product, but makeup artist Carissa Ferreri says sweeping bronzer over your eyelids will give a barely there wash of color and makes your eyes and cheeks pop in the most natural way.

I do this often when I don’t want to do a complete eyelook but still need a tad bit of color.

2)Mist Away the Matte

Give yourself a little spritz with your favorite facial mist.The mist will instantly diffuse any harsh lines or caked-on texture.

3)Beat Dryness

Makeup artist Edward Cruz says that anytime he applies foundation over dry, flaky skin, he uses a Beautyblender to dab and blend a small amount of face oil over those problem areas. He promises a “smooth and fresh finish.”

4) Add Some Texture

Add a velvet texture to your go-to lipstick, just dab your finger in a bit of blush or warm-colored eye shadow, and then pat it over your lips. So much easier and more interesting than full-on matte.

5)Dilute With Moisture

To give any product more luminosity, employ every makeup artist’s favorite trick: Just add moisturizer. Opt for a light, blendable one that seamlessly mixes with foundation, concealer, and even eye shadow or blush. Think of it as the water in your watercolor paints that are your makeup products—the more you add, the lighter and softer the finish.

6)Powder Away

Celebrity makeup artist Monika Blunder says she uses loose powder for so much more than finishing off a completed look—subbing it in for dry shampoo is one. Or sprinkle it between coats of mascara to instantly thicken your lashes.

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