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Becca Brightening Corrector🎀(Review+Application Pictures)

Hey everyone!!!

I never used an under eye corrector up until a few months ago,as I noticed the dark circles under my eye were getting a bit more prominent(lack of sleep being the major cause for me).So I was looking for a corrector to brighten up my under eye.

BECCA Undereye Brightening Corrector

Product Review

It comes in a glass container and is a light salmon product of thick consistency.What I noticed first about this was how rich and creamy the texture was when I applied it on my under eye area.It’s Paraben free.

Does it work?

This claims to brighten up the under eye area and it rightfully does so.I also noticed the fines lines under my eyes were much lighter.Although the slight puffiness/sunkeness still peeks thru but this never claims to cover that anyway.

How I apply this?

I have dry skin so before I apply anything on I like to moisturise.I apply my eye cream move on to priming my face.I then use the Corrector underneath my eyes,apply a thick paste of it and blend it in with a beauty blender.After that I go in with my concealer of the day and blend that in as well in patting motion( as I don’t want to move the Corrector away from it’s place) and set this with powder.


Brightens under eye area

•Oddly mositurising

•Rich/creamy texture

•Blends easily

•No creasing

You can use this on your eyelids too as base before you apply your eyeshadows


•If your dark circles are deeper I’m not sure if this would cover them entirely,you may need more coverage.

Overall I’m happy with this product,I wouldn’t say it’s the ultimate Corrector.I’m still open to trying out new correctors and finding “the one” but until then this works just fine.

Thank you for reading 

Keep Shining🌟



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