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Makeup Expiration Guide💄💫

Hey everyone!!!

I was decluterring my makeup today and getting rid of the products that are “expired.”Yes,you read it correctly,I said expire.Holding on to your favourite makeup product for way too long can be a big no.

When does makeup expire?

Unfortunately there is no correct answer to this as the makeup products do not come with an expiry date although the cosmetic companies can definitely make the buyers aware of the shelf life of the product so that we can toss it away when it’s expired.

When to toss your makeup out?

If the consistency of your makeup has changed or it starts to smell weird you need to get rid of it.Especially products of the eye,you do not want to put bacteria around that area.

Here I have listed a few products and their shelf life…

MASCARA-6 Months 


Lipstick-1 Year

Blush-2 Years

Concealer-2 Years

Powder-2 Years

Eyeshadow-2 Years

Foundation-2 Years

So when you sit down to de-clutter make sure you get rid of all the old makeup.

Thank you for reading:)

Keep Shining💫



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