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Winter Skin Remedies❄️☃️🎀

Hey everyone!!!

The winter weather makes it fun to bundle up,sip hot coffee,cozy up by the fire reading your favourite book and of course get all those layered winter comfy clothes out but during this weather what needs to be taken care off is our skin.It gets dry and patchy,devoid of any moisture and completely dehydrated sometimes.So here are a few skincare remedies I’d like to share.

1)Eating Right

Winter means cold season which sometimes takes a toll on your body,we end up falling sick so when our immunity drops the glow of our skin also drops.So you want to eat right and indulge in food that is rich in Vitamin C,Vitamin E.Pomegrenate,Spinach,citrus fruits all this is not only beneficial for our health but also the skin.

2)Facial Oil

Don’t be afraid to apply oil on your face,this can have a benefit both externally and internally on your skin.When you have dry irritated skin m,facial oils will do wonders!


Exfoliating your face and body is necessary
.Especially the skin around your  larger joints are thicker to protect the bones.So the protective skin is prone to dryness so it’s important you exfoliate with a body scrub.

Why is it important?

•It makes your skin smoother

•It prevents breakouts

•It can counteract the signs of aging

•It helps the skincare products absorb better


Once a week apply a mask to tighten,tone and purify!

5)Warm your red nose

Rudolph’s not the only one with red nose in the winter.Run a wash cloth under warm water and compress it over your nose returning circulation and then apply a Moisturiser 

6)Drink lots of water

This is more of a reminder for me.But yes staying hydrated is important

7)Moisturize Chapped Lips

You want to go an extra mile to take care of your lips during winters as it gets very dry and extremely chappy

Quick tip:Apply Vaseline on your lips and leave it on for 10-15 mins after that take a soft cloth or a cotton ball dipped in warm water and wipe it off.This mini treatment mask will soothe your lips and break the dehydration circle.

8)Wear SPF

Sun rays combined with reflection of snow and ice can bdamaging.So apply sunscreen to all the exposed areas.

9)Warm Showers

If you love warm showers be sure to Moisturize right after your shower to seal in hydration and keep it from drying off.

I hope you the tips were helpful:)

Happy Holidays!!!

Keep Shining 🌟



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