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In-Flight Beauty Essentials✈️🎀

Hey Everyone!!!

Long flights can be damaging to the skin.The pressure,humidity,the recirculated air in the plane cabin all this compromises the skins health.So I’m sharing these beauty gems with you which you should take on all your long flights,so when you get off the flight you’re looking fresh:)

Let’s start with skincare,tie your hair up in a bun and get it out of the way:)

1)Facial oil 

The low humidity in the air cabin can be very drying and bad for your skin,carrying a small vial of your favourite facial oil can help retain moisture.Facial Oils are very concentrated so all you need is just a few drops this and apply it in patting motion so the skin soaks it all.

Ps:Always keep samples of your favourite facial oil and you can either transfer them to a plastic vial or just use them during long flights:)


If you get puffiness under your eyes because of the high altitude or lack of sleep from the night before these soothing eye masks can be very helpful.All you need to do is place them under your eyes and relax away when the mask is doing it’s job.

Ps:I usually plug in my ear phones and take a nap when I have my eye masks on.

3)Body Balm

My skin gets really dry,and the wet towels  given in long flights are helpful only to a certain extent,so I carry a Body Balm or a Body Butter to keep my skin moisturised and soft and give my hand a massage.

4)Sheet Masks

Sheet Masks hydrate,refresh and brighten the skin like nobody’s business.These thin cotton sheets doused in liquid contain all the essential things our face needs.Put the face mask on and dream away!


Before you go off to sleep in the flight,always slather some Lip Balm,as lips get very dry and chapped.

6)Basic In-Flight Makeup

So about 40-45 minutes before I land I start my basic makeup,I use a Liquid Cushion Foundation as this doesn’t require a brush and I can use the sponge that comes with it to pat the foundation in and it comes with a compact mirror so it’s very convenient.I then just add a little bit of lipgloss and I’m done.

So when you get off the flight your skin not only gets a mini-treatment but also is rejuvenated and fresh.

Thank you for reading:)

Keep Shining🌟



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  1. Lovely post! I have dry skin already and planes just make it so much worse. If I don’t put on moisturizer then my face feels super tight! I will have to try a facial oil. Do you have a favorite?

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