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Life Changing Ways To Store Beauty Products💫🎀

Hey everyone!!!

If you are on a budget and don’t really want to invest a lot in buying storage products,I want to share some ideas how you could store your beauty products with stuff lying around the house rather than buying it:)

1)Use Sunglasses Case To Store Your Makeup Brushes

When you’re travelling and are on the go,this would be the best way to store your makeup brushes so that you don’t misplace them.It’s convenient,easy and does not occupy a lot of space and you don’t have to buy a new case just for this instead use any of the sunglass case you have at home.

2)Use Mason Jars To Store Hairties/Clips/Cotton Pads

Repurposing the Mason Jar for storage!Not only do they occupy less space but also look super neat and put together.You can keep this at the bathroom counter to store your cotton pads/hair ties etc.


This is such an easy way to store your makeup brushes,not only would they stand upright but it the coffee beans would smell good too.

4)Trays to store Nail Polishes

Rather than keeping your polishes buttoned up in a pouch,this would be an ideal way to lay out all your nail polishes on to a pretty tray,you can not only see all the colors but your polishes would look organised and you don’t have to worry about losing them.

5)Using Magazine Holder To Store Electrical Equipments

You can use them to store your straightener,curlers rather than keeping it out on your vanity.This would occupy less space and you can easily reach out for it when you are doing your hair.

6)Office Rack Holder For Makeup Palettes

I use this to store my Eyeshadow palettes,earlier I would just have them piled up in a bag and this would sometimes break the shadows when I take them out as they would be piled one above the other.Storing it like this helps me see all the palettes and pick the one I’m using for that day as it’s neatly displayed and then put it back after use.

I hope this helped:)



4 thoughts on “Life Changing Ways To Store Beauty Products💫🎀

    1. It is:) Ever since I’ve started storing my palettes like this,not only do they look organised but I play around a lot with different palettes as I see all of them:) thank you 💕

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