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Time Saving Beauty Hacks💫🎀

Hey everyone!!!

When you are in a rush and barely have any time in hand,let alone brush your hair and get all glammed up.I’m going to be sharing some time saving beauty hacks today:)

1)Running out of eyeliner?

Just realised your running out of eyeliner and have no time to run to a store?Use your eyeliner brush and rub it over the mascara wand and line your eyes!

This mascara will wash off your eyelids just as it washes off your eyelashes.

2)Want to fix your Mascara?

You know when you have your mascara on all day and now you have a dinner to go to and can’t redo your mascara until you wash it off completely as it has gotten clumpy and spider like?(unless that’s the look you are looking for)but if you aren’t then take some Vaseline and rub your eyelashes,it’s going to reactivate your mascara and act like a second coat as if you applied the mascara for the very first time:)

3)Tame your baby hair

Baby hair sticking out?Just get your toothbrush and spray it with some hair spray and brush your baby hair and get it out of the way 

4)Prevent new shoes from giving you blisters

You new favourite shoe giving you blisters,here the multi purpose Vaseline comes in hand so just rub it on the back of the heel(apply a thin layer) or around your toes wherever you think your going to get blisters and then wear your heels,this is completely going to stop the friction from happening and it won’t ruin your shoes(Don’t worry😀)

5)Get rid of perfume stain

So this works with black shirt or shirts with darker colors.All you need to do is get your denim,take your jeans and rub this against the stain for sometime (with a little bit of force)and the texture of the jeans will just lift the stain off and you can still wear the jeans as the stain wouldn’t be on your jeans either.

Thank you for reading 

Keep shining🌟



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