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Overnight Beauty Tips💫

Hey everyone!!!

The best time to take care of the skin is in the night,according to the study new skin cells grow faster when you’re asleep.So a good evening facial routine is a must.

1)Overnight Sleeping Mask

 These masks are thicker than a moisturiser and are meant to hydrate,protect and work on your skin overnight like magic so you wake with supple,soft skin.

I love using the “Body Shop Bouncy Sleeping Mask this has liquidy “gel” texture and regains surface after use so every time you use this you feel like your opening a brand new container.
2)Facial Oil

Does “Facial oilscare you?You shouldn’t be irrespective of your skin type,as facial oils work well with all skin types.If your skin needs that extra hydration,care and boost you shouldn’t skip this one.I’ve been using facial oils for over 2 years now and I could definitely see the difference.I go back and forth between the “Trilogy Roseship” Oil and the “Organice Facial Oil” so this smoothens out your skin,fine lines and reduces premature aging.

3)Foot Spa

Have cracked,rough feet?Don’t worry,If you have some Vaseline lying around slather some on your feet and cover your feet with socks and leave it overnight and wake up with smooth,softer skin.

4)Eye-Care Routine

I would do this 2 times a week and I did notice a my lashes getting longer and fuller.So dip a disposable mascara wand into Olive Oil and brush your lashes with it.This would take a few weeks to show the desired results.

5)Lip Care

This is something I never skip no matter how tired I am.I always apply a generous amount of lip balm on my lips before I go to bed and honestly I can tell my lips feel and look a lot better in the morning.I’m using the “Nuxe Ultranourishing Lip Balm” the texture of this is so thick,it nourishes,repairs the driest and damaged lips.

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