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Monthly Favourites💫🎀

Hey everyone!!!

So I’m rounding up this month’s beauty favourites:)

1)Mac Pro Conceal and Correct Palette In Medium

After I’m done priming my face,the very next thing I reach out to is the “Mac Pro Conceal And Correct Palette.“I have already hit pan on the “Salmon” color,I use this conceal my dark circles and then use the rest of the shade either on its own or mixing it up to match my color.The consistency of the concealers are so creamy and easy to blend.What I love about this is even if I have a tan I can always use a shade from this palette to work with my skin.

2)Benefit “Girl Meets Pearl” Highlighter

This is my favourite highlighter in the “Benefit” range.It’s so subtle and looks super gorgeous on the skin giving it the light sheen.You can build this up as well by adding more of it.I usually mix this up with my foundation and after setting my foundation with powder and take some more of this on my cheek bone,bridge of my nose and Cupid’s bow.This is such a stunning highlighter and I’m running out of it already,will definitely re-purchase this soon:)

3)Make up Revolution Blush Palette

With this palette you get almost full size blushers of different colours,super pigmented and reasonable pricing.So what’s not to like?I reach out to the peachy shade more often,so I usually use my fingers to apply this and dot it on my cheeks and then blend it all in with a powder brush!

4)Kylie LipKit In CandyK

This honestly smells so amazing!It literally smells like “🍭”(why am I not surprised)It goes smoothly,applies creamy and dries up with a matte finish.Gorgeous color and I’ve been wearing this a lot lately!

5)Makeup Forever Full Cover Concealer

My sleeping schedule has gone a bit haywire lately and I feel I need a bit more concealing under my eyes and this works well for me.You can definitely build it up and when I bake my undereye with the powder it instantly brightens this area.I wouldn’t say it’s the best but if you are looking to invest in a good high end Concealer you wouldn’t be disappointed with this one:)

Let me know in the comments what your favourite product of the month is:)

Keep Shining🌟




8 thoughts on “Monthly Favourites💫🎀

  1. Awesome! I find any time I have a cream concealer palette I always run out. I enjoy spot concealing more than wearing a full face of foundation on my average day, and just topping the whole thing off with powder after! I also find it clogs my pores less for some reason so that definitely helps.

    1. I completely agree with you on that I enjoy spot concealing as well but that also depends on how my skin is looking that day:) But on average day spot concealing or BBcream works best💕

  2. I had one of those revolution palletes and accidently put it infront of a lamp for too long and it all melted, pure gutted, need a new one lol xxx

      1. Hahaha..let me tell you a funny story!So one “fine”day I notice my Naked Flushed Palette is broken into pieces (the Blush) I couldn’t for the life of me figure what would have happened,so I tried DIY to “fix” my makeup,well end result I had to get rid of it 😀

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