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Beauty Rules You Must Break๐Ÿ’„๐Ÿ’ซ

Hey everyone!!!

Rules are meant to be broken,with makeup it’s all about expressing yourself.So why put limitations?Do things your own way and not the guide that is set out for us to follow:)

Rule no 1:Lip liner is to outline your lips

Yes,lining your lips with a lip liner is the best thing to do as the pointed tip helps us carve out the borders of your lip.But why stop there?Fill your lips in with them and apply a lip balm over top.Not only will get the lasting power you are looking for but it will also look natural.

Rule no 2:Add highlighter after your foundation

I always break this rule,Always!If I want a nice “Glow from within” I usually mix my liquid highlighter with the foundation and it’s gives me a nice sheen look making the skin look more radiant.

Rule no 3:Contour after your foundation

This rule I’ve been breaking for quite sometime now,so I contour after I prime my face.I use a Contour stick and chisel out my cheekbone after which I apply my foundation and Contour again!This is time consuming,but I love the finished look.So what this does is, before I apply my foundation I have already contoured my face which fades away a little on applying foundation yet giving it defined look and when you overlay again with Contour it just gives a more structured look.

Rule no 4:White eyeliner brightens up your eyes

Well this is so ingrained in people and it does work but what people don’t realise is Nude eyeliner works so much better.

Rule no 5:Apply Blush only on your cheeks

Yes applying Blush on your Cheeks is good but I always take a round fluffy Blush and lights brush my nose and my forehead.When you are doing this you want to be very light handed as you don’t want pink patches over just a nice light glow.

Thank you for reading:)

Keep Shining๐ŸŒŸ



4 thoughts on “Beauty Rules You Must Break๐Ÿ’„๐Ÿ’ซ

  1. I love the highlighter into foundation trick, especially for the spring and summer! I always use it with a primer that has some glow in it already for extra radiance! Still not so much that it looks like I’m doing the highlighter-only challenge!

    1. Have you tried “That Gal” primer by Benefit!I think it works so well when you mix it with a foundation and still want a subtle glow!Lately I’ve been so much into highlighting that I just can’t do without them:) x

      1. I haven’t used “That Gal” but I DO use a little bit of high beam! Obviously you wouldn’t wanna put as much in it because its a stronger highlight but it’s still fab. I reallllllly love Benefit, that and Make Up For Ever are probably my favourite brands.

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