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Korean Beauty Secrets You Must Know๐Ÿ’ซ๐ŸŽ€

Hey everyone!

Korean beauty products and rituals are dominating the beauty market and community.Whether their born with it or have a good skin care routine,most of us seem to idolise their flawless and radiant skin!

Many months ago I tried various sheet masks and face wash from a Korean Brand and I loved the after effect of it,my skin was really smooth and soft but since it’s hard for me to get access as it’s not easily available where I live I decided to do some research on their skincare regime.

No1 rule when it comes to Korean Beauty is applying products in the order of Thinnest to Thickest.

Step1:Oil-Based Makeup Remover and Cleanser

In order to start working on your face you first need to get rid of all the makeup and gunk off your face and provide a nice clean base for the rest of the products.

Take an oil based cleanser on a cotton pad on your dry face and neck and gently massage in onto your face and splash lukewarm water to emulsify and massage again,rinsing everything away.

Step2:Water-based Cleanser

This is the second portion of cleansing to whisk away the oil residue from the oil-cleansing and all the other impurities with it.


Exfoliation is key to polished skin.And I personally can totally tell a difference in my skin texture when I exfoliate on regular basis.Gently massage an exfoliant into your skin for smooth and soft skin,done twice a week.

Step4:Use a Toner

Toners being very high in alcohol and other contents that’s strip the moisture away from the skin are avoided,but Koreans use a Toner which are rich in Hyaluronic acid(one of the many uses gives a youthful radiant appearance)and poretightening agents

Step5:Use Essence

This is the heart of Korean skincare routine.Essence contains vitamins and nutrients hence this is an important step as it directly adds the vitamins and nutrients to your skin.It’s also important as you can find targeted essence of what your skin needs be it (anti-ageing,brightening)


Now this is the concentrated version of the essence and is slightly thicker.This is the targeted version of your skincare routine meaning if you have (hyperpigmentaion,sunspot,wrinkles)this is used to tackle them

Step7:Applying SheetMasks

If “Essence” is the heart of Korean skin care routine then “Sheet Masks” is the soul.

Koreans firmly believe in the use of sheet masks and typically use them 1-3times a week and leave it on for 15-20 minutes.Some Koreans even sleep with face mask on their face.

Step8:Eye cream

You can’t neglect the delicate skin under your eyes.It requires extra hydration and protection.

Use your ring finger(as it applies least amount of pressure)and gently tap the product into your under eye and never Rub.


Hydration is key to glowing skin.So apply the moisturiser every day after your morning and evening skincare routine to keep protect,hydrate,nourish the skin and seal in all the work from your other steps.

Step10:Sun Protection

Koreans do not step out of their house without sunscreen and this is the basic thing that is first taught even to the younger generations.The only way to protect your skin from premature aging.

Apply every and I mean every morning before you step out and reapply throughout the day as needed.It’s an important step to protect your skin from harmful UV rays.

Overall this was just a guide to Korean skincare routine.Let me know in the comments what your favourite skincare product is?

Keep Shining โญ๏ธ



4 thoughts on “Korean Beauty Secrets You Must Know๐Ÿ’ซ๐ŸŽ€

    1. Hi:) thank you so much,I’m so glad you liked the post.Ever since I tried the Korean mask and cleanser I’ve been gravitating towards their skincare range and would love to try more of their brands.What is your favourite product from the Korean skincare?

      1. My holy grail skincare product would have to be cleansing oil/balms. I currently have the banila co one and it’s amazing! Also, essences have made my skin appear more radiant and healthy. I use the purple tale essence, but I heard amazing reviews for the Missha time revolution essence- which is a dupe for SKII’s essence. ๐Ÿ™‚

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