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Pretty Little Things💫🎀

Hey everyone!!!

Never lose an opportunity of seeing anything beautiful,for beauty is God’s handwriting.” I woke up this morning feeling a little anxious and I just wanted to do/see things which would calm me or help me stay motivated.

I usually look positive quotes or I just read articles about people dealing with real life struggle and fighting it out or I just want to see “Pretty Little Things” be it anything as long as it appeals to my eyes:) Today was one of the days and I thought why not share it with everyone else.

1)Trinket with pearls

This little trinket is so pretty with pearls!I would totally keep this on my dresser or bed side table.

2)Everthing “Lacy”


3)Birthday Cake

So it was my sisters birthday a couple of days ago and I ordered this gorgeous floral cake for her,I loved the details and the pretty flowers on it,not only did it look good but was delicious as well.


All things pretty and pink💫

5)My adorable little puppy

This is is not a thing,it’s my adorable little dog that I love but it’s still pretty and makes me happy so I had to put it here.So this is the face it makes every time it sees me leave the house😀 Well with a face like that,how can I not stay longer and pamper it!

Thank you for reading 😊

Keep Shining⭐️



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