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Add Glam To Your Room(Room Decor)🎀

Hey everyone!!!

I just moved to a new place and I’m still in the process of doing my room which is why I’ve been really into room decor and stuff.I’m always looking for new things to add glam and make the space more comfy and beautiful!So I’m sharing a couple of things that I wish to incorporate in my space in the near future:)

1)Accent Chair

I personally think that this can really transform any corner of your room into your favourite nook.It’s such a versatile piece of furniture and can blend in seamlessly with the rest of the furniture.I would like to go with something really bold for the color of the chair and adding neutral throw blankets and pillows.

2)Throw pillows&blankets

My sister always makes fun of me because of the importance of “throw pillows”in my life😀 so whenever I see something plain I’m always like “Ah a throw pillow here and there would jazz up the place.” 

Well it does tho,if your bedding is plain and simple stacking up pillows with different patterns and colours just adds a nice backdrop to the whole thing and make sure they are comfortable and not just a decorative item:)

3)Frames And Art

Waking up to something positive is such a good way to start your day and if we could incorporate this in our rooms then why not?Right?If there is quote you love,a picture that gives you those positive vibes,a picture of your loved one or just a work of art that you love,you can definitely add this around your space not only does it bring in positivity but make it a calm and soothing sanctuary!

4)Bedroom Bench

Adding a bedroom bench to the end of the bed gives this whole “hotel boutique vibe” to the bedroom.They are just great for an added seating in your bedroom.

5)Scented Candles

To have your room smell of your favourite scent all the time would be ideal.Decorating your room with beautiful candle holders just makes the space look more put together.

Thank you for stopping by:)

Keep Shining⭐️



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