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Greasy Hair Don’t care๐Ÿ˜‰๐ŸŽ€

Hey Everyone!!!

Say Buh-Bye to greasy hair!We all wash our hair regularly to keep it clean and fresh but did you know over washing is just going to produce more oils and make your hair look greasy?Yes!How unfair right?But that’s the wicked cycle of life.We strip our hair of the natural oils and the scalp goes into over production of oil to compensate .

So how much washing is right to keep the hair at bay?

i did my research on this,considering I’m among the ones who wash their hair pretty regularly and still end up with greasy hair in just 2 days!(Such a pain!๐Ÿ™)

โ€ขWashing your hair everyday does more harm than good,your just stripping your hair off its natural oils every single day and drying out the scalp producing more oil.

โ€ขExperts suggest this all depends on the hair texture and type.


โ€ขNow someone with curly/wavy hair will have slow sebum(oil)production hence it takes a longer time for their hair to get as greasy.So twice a week works fine here.


โ€ขIf you have thin/straight hair washing three times a week is sufficient using something “light” to condition as to not wear the hair down.Use the conditoner on the mid shaft and end of your hair.


โ€ขIt you have coloured hair experts suggest washing it twice a week with Color Preserving Shampoo is sufficient.Too much shampooing can cause the color molecule to slip out from the hair follicle.

How to get rid of greasy hair?

There is no hard and fast rule about what is right especially for those who workout,hit the gym,swim you might want to skip the everyday washes and use a dry shampoo instead.

*After a fresh blow out you can spray the dry shampoo directly to your roots,so as the hours go by your scalp produces more oils which will be combated by the dry shampoo.


*Tying your hair into a loose top knot when you are asleep will keep the roots from spreading oil to the strands


*Cleaning your pillowcase is important not only to keep your skin clear but also hair as it collects germs,bacteria that collects in your hair when you are asleep.


*My quick fix when my hair gets greasy is tying it into a low bun or braiding my hair or just wearing a cap.


*Using baby powder and this actually works,so you take a little bit of baby powder on the palms of your hand and section you hair and sprinkle this on your hair and start running your hands thru your hair so the powder is absorbed into the hair and takes away the oil.If you hair is still greasy take a little more and repeat the process.


*You can also squirt normal amount of shampoo on your hand and sprinkle pure baking soda.

Thank you for reading!

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