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Makeup Storage+DIYπŸ’„πŸ’„πŸ’„πŸŽ€

Hey everyone!!!

You know when you can’t find your favourite lipstick/beauty item in the makeup clutter and have to opt for something else?Well!ladies that’s when we know,we have to organise our makeup so that it is easy to find and looks beautiful too.Why invest on makeup and not store them,right?

Lipstick Organiser

My lipsticks would be scattered all over the place,some in my handbag,in my makeup counter basically everywhere other than where it should actually be and it got annoying after a point to find the one I’m looking for hence I decided to get these acrylic organisers to keep them in order and made it a point to put them back in place after use,so I wouldn’t lose it.

image2)LipGloss Organiser

I have a couple more of these acrylic organisers to arrange my lipgloss,not only do they look pretty when you set it on your table but everything looks a lot more tidy and creates more space to store a lot more.


I will do another post very soon on how I organise the rest of my makeup:)


I came across this DIY Lipstick holder which I thought is relevant to this blog post and would be fun to share:)

Step1:Take a square cardboard paper of your choice/Color and make a box or you can use a readymade box(eg:empty chocolate box)



Step2:Take a white sheet of paper which is tad bit smaller than the card board paper and start cutting it (2/3rd)



imageStep3:Repeat the same step and make about 8 of them,depending on how many rows you would like


Step4:Start inter-twining the sheets together which should look something like this.


imageStep5:Now place this in the box and you can arrange your lipsticks πŸ™‚


End product should look something like this!

imageThere you have it,your very own DIY LIPSTICK HOLDER!

Thank you for reading:)

Keep Shining⭐️




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