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Hey everyone!!!

I was introduced to “Jeffree Star Cosmetics” by my younger sister who is an ardent fan of the products and swears by them.I went from not knowing anything about Jeffree star to reading up on him and all about his cosmetic line and was more than happy when I found out that his makeup line is “cruelty-free” &”vegan”.


I then went on to purchase a few products from his line and try them out myself and I instantly fell in love with the packaging(pink and gold) which happen to be my favourite colors😀 So I’m going to quickly share what I got from “Jeffree Star Cosmetics

1)Velour Liquid Lipsticks


I purchased 2 Velour Liquid Lipsticks one is “ANDROGYNY” and the other is “MASOCHIST”.


The “Androgyny“being one of the best selling liquid lipstick,I was lucky to get my hands on it.This is such a sultry,mauve matte shade,a gorgeous color.


The “Masochist” is such a pretty pink,it’s bold,cool toned.I have to say as mentioned in the description, it does remind me of crushed berries.

These liquid lipsticks are long lasting,phenomenal and so comfortable on the lips.They go on opaque and stays matte which I love.



The wand has a pointed end to etch out the shape of the lip which is a plus.


2)Mojito Velour Lip Scrub


This smells like bubble gum,and is edible too haha.So you can lick away or wipe it off!The consistency is quite thick and it does take away all the dead skin off your lips but honestly I think Sugar+Honey would do the exact same job,only difference it wouldn’t smell like strawberry bubble gum🙂

Tip:To avoid patchy application of the liquid lipstick,scrub your lips & apply a lip balm and wipe it off and then apply the lip product.

3)Skin Frost Highlighting Powder


I honestly was pretty surprised when I received this,the amount of product that this has it would definitely last me for a year or even more given we only apply the highlighter on few parts of the face.

Comparing the product quantity of this with the “Mary Lou Manizer” by the balm you would be pretty surprised to know that  the volume of this highlighter is ONLY 8g and with the Skin Frost we get “15 g” almost twice as much.



This higlighter “KING TUT” in pure gold comes with a good size mirror and is super pigmented,I remember seeing my sister’s shiny nose and asking her what she has on!And she said it was this product.


It can be used on the face,body and the eyes so one product doing the job of 3.I think this would make such great highlighter for the brow bone or if you want that subtle glow when you’re wearing a dress this would be ideal to use and just dust it wherever you need and look like a shining goddess haha😀


Overall I’m extremely satisfied with the products and I would love to buy more from “Jefree star cosmetics”.The Beauty Killer palette looks pretty promising,let me know in the comments if you have tried it.

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Keep Shining⭐️



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