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Brush Egg-Makeup brush cleaner+Review⭐️🎀

Hey everyone!!!


Meet my brushes new best friend -The Brush Egg.

I normally clean my brushes once in 2 weeks.But when I’m in hurry and need some spot cleaning what I do is I spray my eyeshadow brushes with fix plus then I start swirling it around a clean tissue and it gets the eyeshadows out for the time being!But most of the time I like deep cleaning my brush because not only does it gets rid of the old makeup but also the bacteria/dirt that was accumulated over time!

If you’ve been breaking out and have ruled out everything else,your makeup brushes might be a cause.

Brush Egg



This little guy is the “Brush egg” which I would say is the miniature and cheaper version of the Sigma Spa Glove and works just as well.

So this egg comes with an insert to put 2 fingers or you can hold the egg whatever makes you comfortable!

How I clean my brushes?

*Things required

A shampoo/or conditoner

Dirty makeup brushes


Clean towel to keep the brushes

1)So I start off by wetting my brush and the egg a little bit with lukewarm water.


Do It Right:You always want to keep the brushes pointing down or the water can get stuck in the brush handle

2)I then pour the shampoo on to my brush egg and start buffing my brushes into it,the ridges on the brush egg make it really easy to get all the dirt and stubborn makeup off the brushes

ps:We can find swaggy makeup removers at the beauty store,but honestly,all you need is a mild shampoo/conditoner.Here I’m using Loreal conditoner.


3)Once I see then it’s all nice and clean and the gunk is out,I just run it under the tap water and lay it flat on a towel.


Do It Right:Never keep it pointing up after washing because the water may seep down and damage the brushes and also break down the glue that connects the brush and the handle.

4)This works so well with the beauty blenders as well,honestly I haven’t see my beauty blender this clean in quite a while🙈


Earlier I would use my the palm of my hand to wash these brushes and I had to do a second round pretty soon and our hand doesn’t have the “ridges” and “grooves” to actually get in the brushes and get all the gunk out!And I wasn’t quite sure if I wanted to invest 40$ on a Glove Mat for my brushes,this definitely has been a game changer.

I got this on Amazon for 3.43$,for the work  it does and how it gets the brushes squeaky clean I only wish I had this earlier.

Thank you for reading😊

Keep Shining⭐️



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