How To Make Your Perfume Scent Last All day🎀

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“When someone smells good,it automatically makes them more attractive.”Do you agree with this?Well I kinda do to a certain extent,let’s face it who wouldn’t want to smell like they bathe with flower petals and have that beautiful scent linger on.Yes,of course taking a shower is a no brainer but applying the perfume you love the right way also is.So let me share some tips and tricks to make your perfume last longer.

Women often think to douse their clothes in perfume is the way to go,but this just gets overbearing and too much to handle for the people around as the scent comes on too strong!

Common type of fragrance

•Balm image

•Eau de cologne



•Eau de toilette


•Eau de parfum




How to apply the perfume?

•Spray 15-20 cm away from the skin,allow the mist to settle on the skin and not have a pool of perfume because that distorts the scent.


Where to spray the perfume?

•Start by applying your favourite perfume to your pulse points(as it is the warmest area in your body )-Neck,Décolletage and wrists.


Also spray on the inside elbows.

If you’re wearing a dress then spray the perfume –behind your knee

One thing that really works for me is spritz -Ing one or two does in the palm of your hand just crunching your hair ends Or just spritzing your brush with perfume(1-2 spritz)and combing your hair.


Fragrances latches on to fibres,which is why the strands of your hair will carry the long lasting effect of the perfume.

Whenever I have done this,I’ve had so many people tell me how good I smell:)

•Allow the perfume to dry(the alcohol to evaporate)

•Then apply a scented body lotion on top to seal the scent.

Another trick would be applying Vaseline at the pulse points and then apply perfume to give it something to stick on to and make it last longer

Best time to apply the perfume?

After your shower when your squeaky clean and all the dirt is off your body,your skin is fresh and perfume absorbs better.

Where to store the perfume?


Keep the perfume away from humidity,so storing it in the bathroom may not always be ideal.Room temperature works best.

A Myth To Break:


Never rub your wrist together after spraying perfume on them,because it not only distorts the top scents of the perfume but the scent also disappears faster.

Let me know in the comments what your favourite perfume is:)

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