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Product Empties-Part2🎀

Hey everyone!!!


So I did a product empties sometime back but I have a few more products to add to the list,here I am again sharing the products I have gone thru:)

1)Celebrity 2 Phase Mild Makeup Remover



This makeup remover/brand was quite unkown to me and the only reason I have it with me right now is because of my brother who got it for me from his last trip to Singapore.So you know sometimes unexpectedly you end up trying a product you love,that’s exactly what happened with me:) I used this sparingly only because if I ran out of it I couldn’t really get another one as it’s not available in India.

I however loved this makeup remover it’s mild not too harsh on the skin,works well for dry skin.It doesn’t leave an oily residue after use.Gets rid of all the stubborn makeup leaving the skin refreshed.


Will I re-purchase this?-Most definitely yes!So I should plan a trip to Singapore soon;)

2)Mario Badescu Drying Lotion


I have done an entire blog post on how this has been my “ultimate pimple punisher”.


Quite recently I broke out,a pimple right in the middle of my forehead and I used this for 5 days straight and now all I have is a little bit of redness around that area.This really does work like magic,but you need to be patient with it and not expect results overnight if the pimple has taken full form.You have to give it about a week or so:)

Would I re-purchase?Uhm,if I’m promised that I would never get pimples again(I wish that were true)then I wouldn’t but if it’s going to happen to me anywhich way then I need this in my life;) So a Big Yesss I would and I already have.

3)Loreal Base Magique



This is a good drugstore alternative for a face primer.The texture is so rich,it glides on well and absorbs into the skin.The makeup glides on better as this provides a good base for the makeup to adhere.It does minimise the look of pores.I think I have gone thru atleast 3 containers of this.

Would I re-purchase?Not for now because I am quite happy with the Benefits POREfessional for the time being.
imageThank you for reading!Let me know in the comments what your favourite product of the month is:)

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