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Product Review-Benefit Brightening Primer🎀

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I walked into Sephora a couple of days ago not looking for anything in particular but  to just have a look at what I could find.And my first stop usually is the “Benefit Counter”.So I walked in to the store bare face because I usually like to have them test the makeup on me before I buy it.

The lady at the counter suggested I try  this Primer and wear it on the days I don’t have any makeup on to even out my skin tone.

Benefit “That Gal “Brightening Primer

The Packaging


The packaging is fun and colourful reminds me of a glue stick,so it has a transparent cap that you pull out and you twist up the stick for the product to come out.It needs a few turns the first time you use it for the product to come to the surface.

The Product


The consistency of the product is light and pink in color,blends in with the skin and absorbs quickly.The scent is beautiful,reminds me of Spring/Summer time.

How I use it?

•Lately I’ve been avoiding foundation altogether,so on my good skin days I just use this primer.I twist up the stick,take the product on the back of my hand and apply it all over my face like a moisturiser it adds that tiny glow and evens out the skin ever so slightly(a very light change)and lifts the complexion not making it look dead.I typically use my fingers to blend it,in a even and upward motion.

•Sometimes when I require a little bit of coverage I either mix this with my foundation/BB cream and apply it all over my face with a foundation brush!

Does it work?

Uhm Does it instantly brighten up your face?yes it does,to a certain extent nothing too dramatic.”Something is better than nothing” so the days you just want a little bit of coverage you can opt for this.




•Silky texture,blends easily

•Evens out skin tone(Very lightly)

•Adds that glow to the face

•Easy to carry around in your handbag

•Gives a good base for the foundation to stick on to


•I wish it gave more coverage

Let me know in the comments what your favourite primer is?

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