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Tanya Burr Brow Kit🎀

Hey everyone!!!


i’m going to be doing a review on the brow kit that I’ve been using for a few months now,it’s the “Tanya Burr Perfect Brows” kit.

The Brow Kit:This kit comes with



•3 shadows for the brow

•1 highlighter



The product:The palette comes in a square cardboard packaging with metallic pink and purple colors and a mirror inside.It comes with a tiny angled brush and a tweezer which has her name(Tanya Burr)engraved in it.

The colors

The shadows/highlighter have sweet whimsical names.The highlighter is called “Fairy cake” I’m not fond of this for my brow bone as I find it too light.It’s a cream color with a little shimmer.So this is something that I don’t really use.

The swatches



Then we have Chestnut which is rich brown color,Hot cocoa and Pebble.We can easily mix the shades to get your perfect brow color or use the individual shadow(whatever suits you best)I mix chestnut and hot cocoa and find that’s the best shade for my brows.



The little angled brow brush that comes with it is so useful,usually I don’t really use the tiny brushes that come with palette for many reasons(the main reason being the quality and unable to pick up the product)but this one although tiny it’s good quality and when I do my brows using this palette I only use the brush that it comes with and nerver felt the need to use another brow brush as it picks up the product so well.


I have used the tweezer like once or twice and works if you want to just throw something in your handbag or for emergency.


•Affordable drugstore brow kit(7£/9.20$)

•Great quality

•Pigmented shades

•Colors are varied enough to match any eyebrow shade

•Useful tiny angled brush


•Not travel friendly


•Delicate/handle with care(I broke a shadow in the process)


Verdict:If you are looking for a good affordable,cute packaging eye brow kit then this is definitely a good purchase.

Any tip?

Play with different shades,mix color to find one that suits you best.Don’t stick to one.

Let me know in the comments what your favourite product from Tanya Burr cosmetics is!And if there is something from her line you want to try:)

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Keep shining⭐️








7 thoughts on “Tanya Burr Brow Kit🎀

  1. That looks like a great little kit, I have a few brow kits but I always end up making mine too dark because I already have dark eyebrows lol !!

    great post xx

    1. When people talk about defining eyebrows mostly they tend to go dark,but since you’re blessed with dark eyebrows all you would need is filling the brows up a bit.I love this kit,mixing shades has given me the perfect color for my brows:) Have a great day x

    1. Tell me about it:( I thought I’d try a DIY to fix the broken shadow but then I didn’t haha😀 .Yes the application is seamless and a found a perfect shade for my brows.Thank you so much 💕

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