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Product Review:Maybelline Total Clean Makeup Remover🎀

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Sleeping with makeup on is not necessarily a wise thing to do.It’s been years since I made a conscious decision to never go to bed with makeup on irrespective of how tired I get and I’ve stuck by it.We’re all guilty for falling asleep with our makeup at some point in our life BUT we should avoid it altogether because it clogs pores,the residue from the mascara,eyeliner causes eye irritation,premature ageing and so much more.So it’s important we have a makeup remover with us at all times and that’s exactly what I’m going to be talking about today!

Maybelline Total Clean Express Eye and Lip Makeup Remover

The Packaging

It comes in a clear plastic container with a small opening on the bottle which lets out adequate amount of the remover out.It’s clear so you can tell when the product is getting over and you need to replace.Travel friendly and fuss free use.

The Product

Shake well before use🎀

It is a bi-phasic makeup remover which means it is a combination of water and oil and needs to be shaken well before use.It leaves a behind a thin film of oily residue but it dries up so quick so you don’t get the greasy/oily feel.You get about about 70ml of the product,I bought this of Amazon for 4.4$

How to use?

I use a cotton pad and soak it with the remover then place it on my eye for 5-10seconds with a gentle motion as you don’t want to be too harsh on the skin around your eyes as it is the most delicate and gently rub it in and wipe out.This helps remove all the stubborn eye makeup.But when it comes to removing the eyeliner,mascara I use a cotton bud soak it in the remover and then just swipe across my lid and lower lash line.

Does it work?

Cream Eyeshadow Swatches

Yes,it does.You might have to use about 2-3 cotton pads depending on the amount of makeup you have,I like to get every bit it before I cleanse my face so I use about 4 just to be safe.




•Effective makeup remover

•Does not irritate the eyes (no blurry vision)

•Travel friendly


•Fragrance Free

•Does not dry out the skin


•Takes a little bit more effort when you’re dealing with glitter

Verdict:I would recommend it,definitely a good option for makeup users.Its a cheap alternative to an expensive brand remover.

Any tip?

Yes it’s always good to cleanse,tone and moisturise (CTM)after use because it does leave a thin film of residue!Not only with this makeup remover I suggest cleansing and moisturizing after using any makeup remover.

Thank you for reading.Let me know in the comments what your favourite makeup remover is?

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