First Impression:Makeup Revolution Blush Palette🎀

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Today I’m doing a first impression on the “Makeup Revolution Blush Palette”.I’ve been looking for a blush palette for such a long time now spefically cream blush palette.

Makeup Revolution Blush Palette(All About Cream)

The Packaging


I instantly fell in love with the packaging of this palette,it comes in a black and gold sturdy box giving it a very luxurious feel.You get 8 beautiful shades of cream blushers and a large full size mirror

The shades in the palette


I think this would be an amazing starter kit for those starting out with makeup and want to play with different colors and find what best suits them.I’ve been wanting to try a coral blush but I never got around to buying it because I wasn’t sure how it would look on me so I always invested in something safe,but with this I get all these shades to work with.You have Coral,Warm Muted pink,Bubblegum pink,red based shades just a variety to pick from.

How to use this?


This is super creamy and highly pigmented so for me it works best when I apply it with my finger and then take a round fluffy brush with a little bit of powder on it and blend it all together.I literally just dab the blush of choice with my finger and apply it on my cheeks blending it in to give a natural flushed look.



•Classy packaging

•Beautiful mix of warm and cool toned blushers

•Highly pigmented

•Super Creamy so you can use this on  your lip to add a bit of color

•Full size blushers/Great quantity

•Reasonable pricing


•Best suited for fair/medium skin tones

•For best results fingers work better to pick up the “butter like texture” of the blush and rub it in

Verdict:Definitely give it a go,you wouldn’t be disappointed.I wouldn’t say it’s the best of the best but for the pricing and the beautiful 8 shades that it comes with,this is something you will not regret.

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      1. I love the colors, I got an array of pinks and deep purples some are glittery. As a woman of color it’s hard sometimes to find eyeshadow palettes that are really pigmented.

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