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The Ultimate Pimple Punisher🎀

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I’m going to be talking about my holy grail spot treatment lotion which is the “Mario Badescu Drying Lotion”.This is a miracle jar for getting ride of pimples,like I would call it the ultimate pimple punisher.

How to use it?


So this glass container has 2 layers it starts as a clear liquid with pink sediment at the bottom.Do not shake the bottle.So when I first gave this to my sister she said there is something about the separation of the clear liquid and pink sediment that urged her to shake the bottle and then apply!But no please don’t shake the bottle doing that would just dilute the pink sediment.



You want to take the white bud of the Q tip dip it into the clear liquid going all the way to the bottom of the pink sediment and then when you pull it out you will see a thick pink paste that you dot wherever you see breakouts.So after cleansing,toning apply this paste on your breakout,leave it overnight and wash it off the next morning.

Does it work?



Yes it does.Most effective on a new zit that you first notice when it’s just coming up and hasn’t taken full form yet.So whenever I notice that I’m breaking out,I immediately apply this and it reduces the redness and shrinks the pimple basically reducing the pimples life in half.It does show it’s strength as you feel a tingling sensation when you first apply,so did I but it isn’t painful or cause harm or irritation to the skin.


•Very effective

•See results overnight

•Shrinks the pimple

•Reduces redness


•Acidic scent

This is literally the best thing,especially on those days when you wake up with a pimple and have an event to attend the next day,just put some of this on your breakout and it works like magic on the pimple.My sister borrowed this from me when she started breaking out and kept coming back for more of this and now brought one of her own:)

Verdict:Definitely a must try product,I would highly recommend this.

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    1. Yes it is safe for sensitive skin!My skin is dry and sensitive,it works well for me.When you first apply this paste you may experience a slight tingling but other than that I didn’t notice anything else:) Have a great day x

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