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Product review:Body Polish by Body shop🎀

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I’m doing a review on one of my favourite products from the “Body Shop” it’s the “Strawberry Body Polish”.

Why is exfoliation important?

Regular exfoliation is important because with ageing,the cell regeneration process gets slower.So the body gets slower to shed the old skin cells and generate new ones.The old skin cells pile up on the surface making the skin look dull and dry.

The Product


It comes in a plastic squeezy tube and is a gel based scrub with black suspended beads(it’s the crushed walnut shells and extract of kiwi seeds).The Gel is not too harsh on the skin so we can use it often without having to worry about drying the skin out.

How to use the product?


Massage it into the skin in circular motions while in the bath to remove all the dead cells,it makes the skin soft and moisturised.It gets a little foamy when in contact with water leaving your skin supple and hydrated.


•Smells really good like fresh strawberries which lingers on even after the shower

•Gentle exfoliator not too harsh on the skin,so you can use this often if you’re skin feels too dry.

•You get a big tube which can last you quite a long time

•It lathers up well

•As it comes in a squeezy tube you get a good control of the product you pour into your loofah or your hand.


Honestly I have used this exfoliator for so long and have gone thru so many tubes of this and I couldn’t find a single thing that I did not like.So a big thumbs up for this product👍🏼

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