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Product Review:Nivea Shower Gel🎀

Hey everyone!!!


So I recently purchased this Nivea shower gel from my local supermarket as I always liked products from the “Nivea” range,I remember using the moisturiser when I was younger,it was so gentle.So I picked this shower gel up to see if it works for me:)

The packaging 

It comes in a clear plastic container with a blue flip-flap open top.The product in the container is purplish pink with suspended yellow beads(which I’m assuming is the water lily extracts)I usually like clear containers as it gives me a fair idea as to when a refill is needed.

The product

•So it appears purplish pink in the container but when you pour it onto the loofah it’s almost colourless.A little goes a long way with this product,you just need a drop or two and it lathers up quickly.

Colourless when poured onto the loofah

•In contact with water this gel transforms into a rich,relaxing foam.It has a floral/fruity scent to it.

2 drops of this gel made it so foamy




•Inexpensive( I paid 2.9$ for this)Yes!it’s for a great price

•You get good quantity of the product for the price you pay

•Dermatologically approved

•Leaves the skin feeling moisturised,does not dry out the skin

•Lathers quickly creating a rich foam

•Perfect for everyday use in the shower

•It doesn’t irritate the skin(I have dry,sensitive skin)

•You can actually pour some of this into a running tub and build up foam,throw in a bath bomb for a nice long relaxing bath.


•I think the scent can be a little overpowering

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