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Expectation Vs Reality(Beauty Faux Pas)πŸŽ€πŸ’‹πŸ’„

Hey Β everyone!!!

i personally think applying makeup is like painting a canvas,you are playing with different colors,brushes and matching your skin tone to make it look flawless and beautiful!BUT sometimes we do commit some beauty faux pas that appear very harsh and unnatural.Let’s see what they are:)

1)Overdrawing your lips

Yes we all like the look of fuller lips,we love the “Kylie jenner”lip and try to ape it(no pun intended) Sometimes we go overboard with the whole overdrawing of lips and it looks like a “lip job gone wrong”


2)Applying too much blush


Speaking as someone who loves blush,I like a natural flushed look to my cheeks BUT sometimes when we go overboard with the blush it just looks like strange rosy patches on our cheeks going all the way down to our jawline(YIKES!)we end up looking like we have “Rosacea”,never go heavy handed and take too much of blush,take a little and you can always build it up.


3)Harsh contour lines


“Contouring” is a makeup trend that we all love,now this is something that has happened with me(hides face) so when I was younger and I first started learning how to contour I wouldn’t blend it enough Β and it looked terrible cuz all you could see are harsh brown lines on your face like you got hit by a brown brick or had a child draw lines on your face with a chalk.But yes once you get a hang of it you learn the technique and it becomes so easy to blend in


4)Overtweezed eyebrows

Eyebrows literally shape your face and accentuate your eyes,so it’s hard for me to understand why some of them would just have a single line as a “eyebrow”.My mantra is “let them grow” once you get the desired shape have them threaded/waxed by an beauty expert so once you’re happy then you can maintain the shape and remove excess with tweezers.


Before I end this post I would just like to say “It’s okay to make mistakes,we are only humans.Life is about learning,it’s a process.Sometimes people receive too much flak for not being perfect according to the set terms,but I think everyone has their own beauty and perfection”:)

Thank you for reading:)

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