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Best dupe for a Beauty blender🎀

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A beauty blender is a staple not only in a makeup artists kit but also among us who like wearing makeup.This has just changed the way we apply foundation and has become so easy to work with.If you’re using a foundation brush then it’s important to invest in a good one that doesn’t shed,can be cleaned easily and has smooth application not leaving harsh lines.But with a beauty blender you don’t really have to worry about all these things hence it becomes very convenient to use.

i’ve always been on the look out to find a dupe to the original beauty blender which would be less expensive and easily available and Voila!Here comes the PAC (professionals artist cosmetic)Beauty Blender.



    PAC Beauty Blender

What I love most about this?

  • It’s as good as the original beauty blender if not better.
  • The foundation/concealer glides on so smoothly and it really helps absorb all of this onto the skin
  • Easy to clean with water/mild shampoo
  • Is the perfect size and so soft

inexpensive in comparison to other beauty blenders.  This cost me about 7.25 dollars on Amazon.So you can get 2-3 of these PAC beauty blenders for the price of 1 original beauty blender:)


I have been using this for quite a while now and have been loving it!

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