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Viva La Juicy๐ŸŽ€๐Ÿ’•

Hey everyone!!!


“A scent that reminds you of good memories,a memory triggered by a scent has a stronger emotional connection than those triggered by other senses”.I’ve been wearing “Viva La juicy” a lot this month.It’s an old favourite and takes me back to my med school days.


Let’s talk about the bottle shall we?So gorgeous with a pink bow,I literally place this on my dresser and it looks adorable(so you can use this to dress up your vanity even after your done with the perfume).The Top notes are red berries and dragon fruit with Middle notes of honeysuckle,jasmine and orange blossom.

I love my scent to be fruity,floral and light and this is exactly that!So I would recommend this to anyone who likes a sweet,fresh fragrance.

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