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Tanya Burr Eyeshadow Collection💄💕🎀

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“Makeup is art,Beauty is passion”.Tanya Burr is a popular youtuber and has successfully launched her own make up line.I’ve been watching her for years and absolutely love her makeup looks so when she launched her own makeup line i was excited to try them out and also see her tutorials using her own eyeshadow palettes(pretty fab!!)

The eyeshadow collection


So i own the “Galaxy”,”Fairytale” & “Hollywood” eye palettes.So each palette has 4 eyeshadows comes with a pretty heart shaped mirror and the eyeshadows have designs embossed in them which I think is a lovely touch.

1)Hollywood eye palette



This is my favourite palette of the 3.It is a neutral-warm palette with pretty shades of brown.My absolute favourite eyeshadow that I have hit pan on is “Bookworm” I use this on my crease or all over my lid,so easy to blend and looks so gorgeous.

2)Fairytale eye palette



This has a mix of both warm and cool tones.It has 3 matte and 1 shimmery eyeshadows.So if you want to go from a day to night look i think this would be a perfect palette to carry.

3)Galaxy eye palette


A cool tone palette with pretty colors especially the silver shade “Moon light” and the black eyeshadow with shimmer “Starry sky” are such a dream.

These palettes are amazing for the price they come for (£5.99 each)and are super affordable.These eyeshadows are compact and easy to carry in your bag/travel bag.

Tanya Burr has now come out with a new range “The Soft Luxe Collection” which has 2 more eyeshadow palettes and a lip gloss(3colors).

i will soon do a look with these palettes and post a blog:)

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6 thoughts on “Tanya Burr Eyeshadow Collection💄💕🎀

  1. Have you tried her new matte liquid lipsticks? They’re AMAZING!!! Honestly I have Martha moo and it’s the prettiest thing ever haha plus Tanya is the sweetest person ever:)
    Also (sorry if this is annoying) I would really appreciate it if you could check out my blog as I’m new to blogging and any feedback would be so helpful! Thank you:)
    My link is~

    1. No I haven’t tried her matte liquid lipsticks yet..ahh the name “Martha moo” for a lipstick is just so cute haha..Definitely will check your page right away:) Welcome to the world of blogging by the way.Have a nice day x

      1. They are really good quality! And Ikr and Martha is adorable:)… Also thank you so much:) hope you have a lovely day too!x

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