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Best Drugstore Mascara Ever🎀

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“If you think there is no such think as a magical wand clearly you’ve never used a mascara”.I’m so excited to start a new series on my blog where I dedicate Monday’s to “Drugstore favourites”.Let’s talk about “L’oreal Volume Million Lashes Mascara”

The Product


This comes in a black and gold packaging which gives a high end product,luxurious  feel.It comes with a plastic wand which I love as it is lightweight and makes it easier to work with and apply.The bristles are designed to amplify and separate your lashes and has a in built clean-sweep wiping system which sweeps the brush free of clumps.When you’re loading the wand with the product and pulling it out you can actually hear a “Pop” sound which probably indicates the excess product coming out.

My review


i’m not very good with applying false lashes,it actually takes quite an effort for me to put them on,so a good mascara which gives my lashes that extra “Oomph” and volume is what I always look for.This mascara curls and volumises my lashes,for a intense look i curl my lashes and then apply the mascara and it gives the “fan effect” making them look long.The mascara easily comes off with an eyemakeup remover,gives a fuss free use.


1)The packaging screams classy

2)Gives lashes volume and length

3)No clumps/No clogging

4)Stays put for a long time

5)Nice “natural” thick effect to the lashes


1)It dries up pretty quick

2)A little bit of smudging in the bottom lashes


Absolutely brilliant!For all the mascara lovers out there,this is definitely a must have.

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8 thoughts on “Best Drugstore Mascara Ever🎀

      1. Yea, the other one I keep hearing is the Loreal false lashes mascara, have you tried that one? I think you may like that packaging as well =)

      2. The packaging of the sculpt mascara is pretty!My sister uses it and she said it gives really nice results but if you do a second coat it can get a little clumpy!But I’m going to try that out soon:)

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