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Makeup Miracle For Real?🎀

Hey everyone!!!

“The best thing is to look natural,but to look natural you need makeup”😁 .i’m always on the look out for lightweight foundation,something light but still buildable and I came across the Lancôme miracle cushion foundation!

Lancome Miracle Cushion Foundation


What I found intriguing about this was the foundation was saturated in a sponge which is so squishy almost like a jelly and it’s all packed up in a white container which comes with a sponge and a mirror.Lancome describes the sponge as a “liquid cushion” with 800,000 “pores” to deliver the right amount of product to your face.

How to use the product?


So you can use your fingers but I avoid it as I don’t want the oils and bacteria from my fingers transferring to my face and clogging my pores,so I use the cushion that comes with it!i find the pat-blend method works best,so dip the sponge into the product and then pat it on your face and blend it in.

How does the product feel on skin?

It is extremely light weight and you can get a light coverage which means you can’t really cover the scars or acne but if you use a concealer then use this product it works better in covering those blemishes.It has a very “glowy”,”skin like” finish to it.It looks like your own natural skin peeking thru,just evens out your skin tone.

Pros of the conduct

•I have dry  and sensitive skin and this works extremely well on my skin

•No irritation,No breakout

•Gives a skin like dewy finish

•travel friendly,can throw it your makeup kit and you are good to go

Cons of the product 

•What I don’t like about this is sometimes I really have to dip my sponge quite a bit to get the coverage I am looking for.

•the remainder of the product left on the sponge can get moist so you might want to wash the sponge after use(but that holds good for any makeup sponge we use)

•I do feel the quantity of the product is a little less

Let me know if you have used this product and what you think about it in the comments below.

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9 thoughts on “Makeup Miracle For Real?🎀

    1. Hi Jess!thank you:) if you’re looking for something compact and a lightweight foundation,you will love this and how your skin looks after it sets in the skin.And thank you for nominating me,heading over to your blog now xo

    1. Hi:) thank you for stopping by!i have heard a lot about the Laneige BB cushion but that’s not exactly drugstore,I haven’t really come across a good drugstore sponge foundation yet,Do you know/recommend any? Xo

      1. I haven’t tried any actually, but I know L’Oreal and Physicians Formula has one! Tati (glamlifeguru) on YouTube actually posted a “Cushion Foundation Showdown” video, but I was curious to see if you had any thoughts on them!

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