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Shimmer For The Face?🎀


“Leave a little shimmer,wherever you go”.On that note let’s talk about this gorgeous product “Nourish Golden Glow Illuminating Shimmer”


Overview of the brand 

Nourish products are all organic,natural and plant derived.It is certified by the “Vegan society” as they do not use animal products and do not test on animals.Isn’t that great?

Nourish Golden Glow Illuminating Shimmer

This is the perfect highlighter for a subtle,sun kissed glow.It comes in a sturdy container with a pump and you get 30ml of the product which can last for a pretty long time.

How to use this?

imageSo all you need is about 1-2 pumps of this depending on how much of shimmer/glow you will need.I then mix it with the foundation/BB cream whatever I would be using that day and apply it on my face and décolleté.I also apply this on my legs,whenever I’m wearing a dress and want that extra shine and glow.Highlight on the leg can also enhance the length of the leg apart from giving it a healthy glow.

My verdict 

If you’re looking for that subtle shiny glow then look no further,this product is a must have for all you shimmer lovers!

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