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The Good Wife🎀

Hey everyone!!!

imageSo my blogs are usually about beauty,makeup and skincare and I would continue to write as that’s what I’m most passionate about But today I thought let me just share my dining experience at the restaurant “The Good Wife”,quite an intriguing name isn’t it?Made me wonder why the name and it all made sense when I went there.

imageIt is located in the Corporate Towers of BKC Mumbai.The restaurant is quite spacious with ample seating arrangement,soft interiors although i did find the lighting to be a little dull but what caught my attention was the theme “Good wife” and the frames they had there which I thought was quite funny, one said “All our waiters are married,they know how to take orders”😋

The menu offers a selection of Italian,Continental and Indian cuisines.I ordered Chicken Gyoza and the Rosemary Chicken Tikka with tamarind sauce

Rosemary Chicken tikka
Chicken Gyoza

The food was good,the music not loud so you can actually have a “good” conversation. I liked the place and would definitely go back there and try the dessert next time around:)

Have a nice week ahead

Keep shining⭐️



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