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Tanya burr lipgloss collection🎀

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So I’m going to review and swatch a few of the glosses from the “Tanya burr collection”.For those of you who aren’t familiar but “Tanya burr” happens to be a popular beauty guru on YouTube.I love her makeup tutorials so when she came up with her own makeup line,I was more than keen on trying them out.Currently her makeup line has eyeshadows,nailpolish,browkit &lipgloss.Let’s begin!

1)Tanya burr “Aphrodite” lipgloss


First off let me point out that the packaging is just adorable and the color is a gorgeous coral with gold reflex

2)Tanya burr “Let’s travel the world” lipgloss


Its a pretty red shade and is super pigmented and glossy,can be worn on its own without a lipstick.Perfect for the autumn/winter

3)Tanya Burr “Exotic island”

imageThis gloss smells like strawberry(I could actually eat it😋) super pigmented and is a bright shade of pink,with a neutral eye look this color would go perfectly well.This would definitely be my favorurite gloss from the collection.

4)Tanya Burr “picnic in the park”

imageCan I say this shade is just “your lips but better”.Its a pretty peachy pink shade

imageSo if you love lip glosses without the stickiness and are looking for a sweet scented one,then look no further!The glosses are super pigmented and glossy.Personally I’m not that big of a fan of lipgloss but I wouldn’t mind these ones..


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