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Blissful ways to pamper yourself🎀

Hey everyone!!


imageThere is nothing better than to relax,kick back and pamper yourself in the comfort of your own home.Put on your face mask,turn on your favourite show on Netflix and relax away!As we all know visits to the beauty salon for facials require the big bucks so when on a budget, might as well invest in some good products for a in-house treatment.I’m going to be sharing my top 3 products that I love to pamper myself with:)

1)Elizabeth Arden Visible Difference Peel off Mask


I love peel off masks,the uncontrolled joy  of peeling off the mask is pure satisfaction.This is my favourite peel off mask it leaves the skin looking fresh and nourished especially after a tiring day,this is all you need.It peels off satisfactorily if you leave it for half an hour.In the pot it is red,it applies clear on skin.A bit tricky to apply the mask as it is quite runny but it comes with a spatula.I wish the pot was bigger tho but the product in whole is fab!

 2)Trilogy Mineral Radiance Mask

imageAs the name suggests this mask leaves a radiant complexion after use,removes all the impurities and makes your skin feel soft and supple.
3)Drops Of Youth Bouncy Face Mask

I have been loving this overnight mask lately,it’s white in color with a liquidy gel like texture and it regains surface everytime after use because of which you feel like you’re using a new container each time.So I apply this over my moisturiser in the night and wash it off with a mild cleanser the next morning,it leaves my imageskin feeling so fresh and soft like baby’s bottom 😀



Thank you so much for reading!Let me know what your favourite products are 🙂

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