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Easy-Effortless hairstyles for this season🎀

Hey Everyone!

imageThese are my favourite hairstyles that I have been rocking this season.It’s effortless,wearable,perfect for a day out or a night out:) So let’s begin!

1)Lace Braid

Braids are always trendy and stylish,they look super pretty and girly too:) I absolutely love this hairstyle for the rainy season,my hair is off my face,it’s neatly tied up in a half braid-half pony.i wrapped the braid up at the base with my hair and secured it with bobby pins for the final touch.

Lace braid🎀

2)Subtle curls

This hairstyle is super easy, just adding curls to the bottom end of the hair.By taking random sections of the hair and curling it so it doesn’t look too tight and is subtle.

Subtle curls🎀

3)Beachy waves

I love the look of loose,beachy waves but my hair is super straight and soft(my hairstylist always tells me my hair is too smooth and silky,so it’s hard to hold a style up,it slips out)but a little bit of hair spray does the trick.The long beachy tousled waves are universally adored,these relaxed waves are super cute:)

Beachy waves🎀

i hope you all liked the hairstyles.i would love to know what your favourite one is(1,2 or 3) or something that you have been loving this season.

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