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Carry-bag essentials🎀

Hey everyone,imageDo you overpack?Or just think everything is an absolute must have in your everyday carry bag?i’m curious to know what people keep in their bag,mostly because of the things they might pack that I wouldn’t have thought of,& who am I kidding?I’m just nosey😋.Here are a few essential things I carry in my everyday purse/bag.

1)My iPhone 6 with earphones

i can’t do without this,I can pretty much let go of any of the other things I mention,but not my phone!I use it for everything(considering the battery doesn’t last as long)it’s quite a task😀 I use it for my music,selfies,games,instagram,make notes for myself.

2)Hand sanitizer

i keep a tiny santizer in my bag always,a simple alternative to washing hands with soap and water although I do think if you can it’s always better to wash your hands but in cases of emergency this does the job.

3)Pee spray santizer

I have an OCD about using public restrooms,it makes me anxious!i think I have toilet-phobia(just being dramatic,but if that exists then I do have it😀)but when I have no choice I use this handy “pee spray” which is a toilet seat sanitizer,so I spray this on the seat before use.You can find this on Amazon India.Price:135rs

4)My wallet/credit card holder

when it’s a quick run to the grocery i just carry my credit card holder but most of the times I keep my wallet in my bag,I picked this nudish pink wallet from Forever21 and I love the quality and of course the color!

5)My sunglasses and sunscreen

I cannot begin to stress the importance of wearing sunscreen,prolonged exposure can cause sun damage,premature ageing and contribute to skin cancer,I generally apply sunscreen in the morning and carry a travel size small tube with me whenever I need to reapply and of course my sunglasses to protect me from Mumbai’s summer heat☀️


It’s always nice to smell good.The perfume I carry in my bag may not necessarily be the one I wear,because I keep pocket size scents in my purse.So the perfume sample bottle usually go in my purse or I buy a perfume vial and fill it with the scent of my choice!My favourite perfume currently is the Christian Dior “j’adore” I love the fruity sweet scent this has,the scent lingers on for quite a while

7)Roseship oil/Lip balm

a travel friendly container is all I need when my skin feels dry,I take a small amount and rub this on my skin especially on my elbows and also the palm of my hands.i like using a tinted lip balm not only does it nourish my lips but also adds color to my lips.

8)Sugar-free gum and hair -ties

i always have sugar-free gum pack/mint in my bag,I love the Dentyne sugar free gum and hair-ties no matter how many i have,I keep losing them but this a must especially when I want to tie my hair up in a quick pony or a bun towards the end of the day.

9)My make-up pouch

I will show you everything that I keep in my pouch in one of my next posts,so watch out for that but briefly this has my lipstick of the day ,my powder and a couple of other things!

i hope this was helpful!

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Keep shining⭐️




6 thoughts on “Carry-bag essentials🎀

    1. Essentials is all we need:) for me sanitizers are a must and of course my makeup pouch with all the makeup I’m wearing that day or sometimes all I take is my lipstick and a powder.have a nice day xo

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