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Quick fix for pimples



Hey everyone,

Having clear skin is every girl’s dream and the numerous products out there in the market makes it even harder to find the right product suitable for your skin type!Today I am going to talk about breakouts/pimples.Yes,we all have had it at some point in our lives,sometimes when we least expect it.So you have an important occasion/wedding/date night and you wake up with a pimple😳(has happened to all of us) so what to do you do?Let me help you with quick fixes for when you have breakouts.First you need to understand that pimples are common and it happens to everyone,our skin is exposed to various things.The stress,hormonal changes,probably some medications,a diet high in diary products contribute to breakouts.

Lets start with the “dont’s”

•Do not BURST the pimple,that’s a big no!What you don’t realise is,for a temporary /easy fix you are just making your skin worse and getting the area infected further,avoid touching it altogether

•Avoid applying makeup(foundation,concealer) to the irritated area

•Do not Rub,but Pat your skin dry after wash

This lotion should be applied overnight on the problematic areas
Clindac gel to be applied thrice a day


The Do’s

•When you first notice a break out,you want to try and reduce the inflammation and applying ice/cold water would do the needful and also make the skin smoother and firmer and you would want to do this at regular intervals

•Over the counter product that really benefit in getting rid of the pimples would be “Clindac gel” easy to find in any pharmacy,apply this gel and leave it overnight (apply it thrice a day).This gel has no side effects and it retails for Rs125 only

•Another product that I have been using for quite a while that I love is the “Mario badescu drying lotion” so you take your cotton bud and dip it all the way to the bottom of the bottle(the top of the lotion being clear and the bottom has the pink sediment)without shaking the bottle,this is suitable for all skin types and works quite well on my skin(I have dry,sensitive skin)so you apply the pink sediment wherever you see breakouts,you will end up looking like a pink poodle😀 but the upside is this works overnight and will shrink the pimple and you will wake up and notice a visible difference.This lotion retails for Rs1,153.You can find this on this website ships worldwide.

But more importantly don’t be embarassed of acne,it happens to all of us.Stop feeling frustrated by your skin,your face is amazing and unique.Each scar has a story to tell,do not let your problem skin fool you into thinking you deserve any less.

Keep shining⭐️




9 thoughts on “Quick fix for pimples

  1. Great tip about the gel! Usually am a bit skeptical when it comes to beauty bloggers advising on chemical gels for skin but since your a doc am sure you know what your talking about. saved me a trip to the dermat thanks!;p

  2. Hai Dr do I need a prescription 4 the gel?thanx for the tips,my pimples were worrisome.plz post more skincare topics I will try ur remedies:)

  3. Hello doctor,
    Could you recommend any product for post acne scars? Just for 3 to 4 acne scars on my face. It would really help. Thank you.

    1. Hi Wurood,
      Post acne scars will fade over time although you can do certain things to speed up that process!So it’s very important to use a good sunscreen as sun exposure makes the marks more prominent.Find a good product with vitamin C in it to build up your collagen production(a good vitamin c serum)Eat healthy lots of veggies and also you could consider getting a chemical peel done or finding a product with retinol in it.

  4. Chemical peels take time. Doesn’t it? Which vitamin C products would you recommend doctor?
    I adore your skin alot. Also, i am not able to follow you up on instagram.

    1. Thank you:) Well Chemical peels are done based on what they we are treating,a salicylic acid daily peel 2% is done for acne!It doesn’t take much time,depending on the package we chose.Sometimes it’s done 3-4 weeks apart/monthly that a dermatologist after consultation will be able to tell you!As I mentioned before 3 steps for you after the normal cleansing is Exfoliation,Sunscreen and then using a product with Retinol and also Vitamin C.So you can check form Korres,Paula’s choice,Proactive,Murad they offer a wide range and you can pick what works for you best!Paula’s choice has a good retinol cream and also a spot treatment 25% vitamin c product!
      Oh that’s odd,my profile is public.Let me know what your user name is and I will check.Have a nice day

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